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Established in 1998, A+ PC Clinic delivers technical support and training for residential and businesses not only in Miami, FL but anywhere in the world. We handle an ample array of services involving installation, design, optimization, implementation, and training of all technology systems.


We are experienced computer systems professionals who truly understand how your system works – and more importantly – how they can and should work, and even more importantly, how you as the user should feel throughout the entire experience and how little it should affect you and your finances.




Our Services






Do you suspect virus in your computer? Did your home page in your browser change? Are you experiencing those buggy pop-ups? We will fix it! This is one fo the biggest concerns our users have; we will remove and permanently eliminate malware, spyware, virus, and adware without compromising your documents, pictures, videos, or music.



It is heart recking when your computer has completed its life-cycle and does not turn on anymore but your documents, pictures, videos, and music are still in your computer! It is also terrible when you have your information in a USB or external hard drive and no computer recognizes it. Well, we have got your back and will do our best to recover the data for you.



Our customers reach out to us so that we perform initial set-up of their brand new computers, printers, software (this is one item that we are called most for), cameras, video doorbells, microphones, surround sound systems, mount their TVs, and much more. Our team of professional IT consultants will properly set-up and install whatever you need.






Do you want a professional looking website but cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars in order to maximize your products and/or services on the World Wide Web? We build and design websites like this one at a VERY affordable price. If you want a more complex site, we can also design it and have it online in a short time frame.





With Information Technology there are numerous fields in which you can be trained upon; therefore, we can personalize and deliver specific needs classes so that you learn and/or improve your IT skills in the field that you request. Do you need to learn how to use one or more applications of the Microsoft Office, Adobe, or maybe you would like to learn how to repair your computer yourself? We CAN help you!





If you are having issues with your computer, be it a buggy virus or maybe you cannot print or you need software installed and you have access tot he computer and to the Internet, then we CAN definitively help you no matter where you are. There will be no need for you to go anywhere! Just give us a call, we will connect to your computer and solve your problem.






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